Monday, March 30, 2009

Well I am on hold as far as the water in our yard goes.

So Hannah and I spent our forced indoor time making scrapbook pages with owls and shiny stickers. Just so that you know the day was not completely lost, I thought I would show you the masterpiece Hannah Created.

I had created a base page of two corner owls and a strip - Hannah added all the good stuff...

And so it truly continues...

Good Monday morning!

This morning Stinkylou went to the window and told me it was "terrible" outside. I know she did not mean the rain - we like rain. What she meant was the tremendous accumulation of rain in our back yard! I had seriously considered opening the shed today and taking out a few chairs and toys for Madam.

Our street is "new construction" and three houses went up last fall right behind our house. All three gardens seem to run off into ours so I THINK I will be on the phone a fair bit today trying to get answers!

Wish me luck - banks and contractors do not make for a very good morning at all!


Friday, March 27, 2009

Spoolie Groupie

Have you ever made a Spoolie?

This is the first spoolie I ever made, it was a little "purse album" for Grandma.

Sort of a year in review using leftover Photo Studio prints - I find I always have lots of the little ones left!

I LOVE these tiny little treasures. I have made them in different sizes, but thought I would show the you one I made from a mini-ribbon spool. The dollar stores usually have them and the Scrapbook store has baskets of them.

If you would like more information on how to make the spoolie please let me know. I found the directions online after a search, but I could be persuaded to write out a breif directive! I used the Creative Memories Circle Punch and Circle template and they fit beautifully in and on the ribbon spool core!

Woo-hoo I did it


I have revisited a blog first created many, many months ago - perhaps even years. The purpose of this bog is to share ideas and creations with friends and family near and far!

I am presently organising my computers to better access my stash of photographs and ideas files. Please be patient, this could take days!

For now I will tell you a little bit about my scrapbook beginnings...

In 2004 a "new neighbour" arrived who just happened to be both a Pampered Chef AND Creative Memories consultant! Oh dear! Can you see the danger lurking? I went to my first scrapbooking Get Together and really was completely hooked. Now, I was always very good at keeping my photographs in albums, so everything was very well organised and sequential - which has saved me a lot of bother as I back tracked my way through the first few months of motherhood. She later moved and now I get help from a new friend

To date I have created an album for each year starting with the pre-natal stuff! I am current with my christmas album and way behind with the pre-school album. My intention is to have a school album seperate from the yearly albums up to pre-kindergarten. I have a Christmas album up to and including age 5 and will possibly go to age 10 before I decide to put christmas in the regular yearly album too! (This is mainly because I have one more Creative Memories Christmas album to use.)

Card making seems to have taken over a great deal of my time and fro this I blame my sister. I was keen to introduce her to scrapbooking from way over here! She lives in England and I am in Canada. She liked the idea but found her passion in card making. Her passion put me a whole year behind in my scrapbooking because I started to spend my time making cards too.
Some times I invite "newbies" over - with some experienced friends too - to make cards and all of them are interested in starting to scrapbook, but so far lives have gotten in the way!

I am a seat of my pants kind of scrapbooker and buy lots of miss-matched unrelated papers that I hoard until I have a massive inspiration to organise! My photography is not particularly inspired, I tend to take the standard family shots, I am however genuinly awed by my photographer friend who does some amazing digital artwork!

At my last get together I sorted and prepared 46 pages - which are now all glued, embellished and journalled! WOO HOO! It was a Creative Memories event that was great for CATCHING up on pages. I went with a theme - Christmas - and the idea was to sort 150 pictures using a power layout box. BRILLIANT!

Now I work at Scrapbook Centrale, in Dollard, Quebec It is a little part-time thing that feeds my little habit and I love it. There was certainly a sence of overwhelming and I find that my choices are changing after looking at all of the fabulour works hanging around, watching what people are buying and talking about their passions.

So for now I think this is enough. I will look around atsome other blogs and see how it goes. thank you for tuning in,