Sunday, June 14, 2009


Wow! Yesterday I had a great time at Scrapbook Centrale, getting into the groove and sharing space with three very generous women who really know their stuff. I was finally able to create a little something I thought I would share with you. Actually it is a few little somethings. Your comments are welcome!
I worked with patterns and colours that really filled the pages and I feel that I have really stepped up a level in my abilities. Now, I know ,there is a lot that can be said for inking and edging etc... but I purposely turned up with ONE BAG for the day and for the most part made myself scrap from that and well, inks were not part of the picture. Also I did not journal, but I think that, that is something I prefer to do alone and I also think I will try to take pictures of my layouts BEFORE I add journaling in future. I will keep the journalling between me and the recipient of the scrapbooks.
Meanwhile, here they are and with thanks to Beata, Marlene and Lea for their input and company!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

First ever scrapbook page...

Well it seems this is the time of year to share our first efforts in scrapbooking, so here is my little "Strip and Triangle' masterpiece. I wonder who came up with the concept and how they scrapbook now!
Look I even used a corner rounder - URGH! what was I thinking!?

But in reality I suppose the first scrapbook page was for a colouring style paper scrapbook of a trip to Sweden I took when I was 13, (1979). I have no idea what I used, but I guess at that age it was probably bostik glue and it must have been strong because I even glued coins with it! It is still holding together here somewhere and has travelled very well from England to the many, many homes I have ahd in Canada - no page protectors either!@

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