Monday, August 31, 2009

And They're Off!

Hannah and her buddies headed back to school today!

We said goodbye to daddy, ate "egg-in-the-hole" and waitied for the bus with her future husband, Brandon. (Long story, I am hoping they grow out of it).

Brandon and Hannah both wore a red ribbon so that the teachers know which class they are going to be in! But we already know that we are having the fabulous madam Helene again this year! I was not sad to see her go, I was proud that she was ready and fearless! if she comes home in tears tonight, I will rethink my position, but for now I am content that she was prepared and happy to be a "Grade-One-er".

I have spent the day painting our livingroom, FINALLY, after 7 years in the house we have colour on the main floor. Ok, beige is BARELY a colour, but we are happy for now.

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