Friday, March 27, 2009

Woo-hoo I did it


I have revisited a blog first created many, many months ago - perhaps even years. The purpose of this bog is to share ideas and creations with friends and family near and far!

I am presently organising my computers to better access my stash of photographs and ideas files. Please be patient, this could take days!

For now I will tell you a little bit about my scrapbook beginnings...

In 2004 a "new neighbour" arrived who just happened to be both a Pampered Chef AND Creative Memories consultant! Oh dear! Can you see the danger lurking? I went to my first scrapbooking Get Together and really was completely hooked. Now, I was always very good at keeping my photographs in albums, so everything was very well organised and sequential - which has saved me a lot of bother as I back tracked my way through the first few months of motherhood. She later moved and now I get help from a new friend

To date I have created an album for each year starting with the pre-natal stuff! I am current with my christmas album and way behind with the pre-school album. My intention is to have a school album seperate from the yearly albums up to pre-kindergarten. I have a Christmas album up to and including age 5 and will possibly go to age 10 before I decide to put christmas in the regular yearly album too! (This is mainly because I have one more Creative Memories Christmas album to use.)

Card making seems to have taken over a great deal of my time and fro this I blame my sister. I was keen to introduce her to scrapbooking from way over here! She lives in England and I am in Canada. She liked the idea but found her passion in card making. Her passion put me a whole year behind in my scrapbooking because I started to spend my time making cards too.
Some times I invite "newbies" over - with some experienced friends too - to make cards and all of them are interested in starting to scrapbook, but so far lives have gotten in the way!

I am a seat of my pants kind of scrapbooker and buy lots of miss-matched unrelated papers that I hoard until I have a massive inspiration to organise! My photography is not particularly inspired, I tend to take the standard family shots, I am however genuinly awed by my photographer friend who does some amazing digital artwork!

At my last get together I sorted and prepared 46 pages - which are now all glued, embellished and journalled! WOO HOO! It was a Creative Memories event that was great for CATCHING up on pages. I went with a theme - Christmas - and the idea was to sort 150 pictures using a power layout box. BRILLIANT!

Now I work at Scrapbook Centrale, in Dollard, Quebec It is a little part-time thing that feeds my little habit and I love it. There was certainly a sence of overwhelming and I find that my choices are changing after looking at all of the fabulour works hanging around, watching what people are buying and talking about their passions.

So for now I think this is enough. I will look around atsome other blogs and see how it goes. thank you for tuning in,


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  1. Hey i found it. I hope you this site inspires people to send in their craft ideas because i love a new idea/technique. All the best Sara:) your best ever sister lo